So, why choose us?

We co-founded and started a pediatric dental service organization (DSO) from scratch in 2011 and built it into a multi-location business, acquiring the real estate assets of several of our locations throughout the process. Our DSO was acquired in 2021 for a multi-million dollar sum and we continue working in leadership positions in our business. We not only created a highly profitable enterprise, but we built an organization with a strong mission and purpose.

We have over a decade of real-life management experience since we were intimately involved in the design, planning, financing, construction, hiring of new team members, and operations of every one of our office locations. We managed an organization of over 150 employees, so we understand firsthand the struggles, frustrations, and stressors that entrepreneurs continuously encounter operating their business.


Leaders in the industry 


Create an inspirational vision and mission statement in alignment with your company’s purpose

Our premiere consulting services can help you:

Operate and manage a multi-location organization

How else can we help?


Build a de-novo (i.e. ground up) office or business locations, assisting you with the planning, financing, execution, and construction of your dream office

Assist in acquiring other businesses

Execute effective turnarounds of business operations

Help you streamline operational processes by eliminating inefficiencies; assist in creating and implementing effective processes and protocols; help you create Standard Operating Procedures Manual with all your key processes to help guide your team members

Assist in creating and implementing cost-effective marketing and PR strategies that will help your business acquire clients/patients

Do a financial analysis so that we can identify areas of opportunity and help you maximize the profitability of your business

We will show you our proven method to attract new team members that are in alignment with your company’s core principles. We will also teach you to properly train your current team so that they understand your company’s mission and purpose

Learn the proper way to delegate tasks and responsibilities to your team members so that you can focus on your own responsibilities as the leader of the company

Guide you in prioritizing your physical health and mental well-being

Create a time management plan based on your priorities to include a healthy balance between your business and personal life.

Our unique holistic approach to consulting:

As we scaled our operations, we inevitably confronted the “growing pains” of expansion. We identified opportunities, pivoted our strategy, and led a successful turnaround of our business. We understand that the core issues plaguing any company stems from the 3P’s – people, processes, and product (or service).

In addition to building a successful business, we also raised three successful children, focused on our fitness goals, traveled to exotic destinations, nurtured our marriage, and pursued other non-work-related interests. We have a balanced approach to work and life and strongly believe that life is not an and/or proposition. We believe that you can have it have it all—a successful marriage, quality time to spend with your children, time to pursue your own personal interests, spend time with friends and family and build a successful, profitable business. With proper planning, prioritization, and having a strong mindset, you too can achieve a balanced life!