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πŸ’– God, Family, Business – these three words have been the guiding principles of our lives, and especially our journey as entrepreneurs. In 2016, we faced some of the toughest challenges in our business, forcing us to make difficult decisions within our administrative team. It was a time we never anticipated, but one that was necessary for the growth and progress of our company.

Amidst the chaos, there was another aspect of our lives that demanded our attention – our three beautiful children, all under the age of three. Balancing the responsibilities of being a parent and running a business was no easy feat, but we knew that our family was our top priority.

During that year, we had planned a special trip to visit my beloved grandparents, who had moved back to the Philippines years ago. It was a journey we were eagerly looking forward to, but circumstances required Will to stay behind and take care of our business. However, he made a promise that he would join us for Christmas, no matter what.

It was a heart-wrenching decision, but we stayed true to our motto – God, Family, Business. We chose to be together as a family during the holiday season, cherishing the moments we had with our loved ones. As a mother, I made it my mission to create a calm and stress-free environment for our children, shielding them from the pressures we faced.

Starting a business didn’t mean sacrificing the precious memories we could create with our kids. We learned that it’s not about the quantity of time we spend with them, but the quality of the moments we share. Our children became our motivation, our driving force to succeed in both our personal and professional lives.

Looking back, that challenging year taught us invaluable lessons about resilience, sacrifice, and the power of love. It reinforced our belief that with God at the center, our family as our foundation, and our business as our vehicle, we can overcome any obstacle that comes our way.

So, as we reflect on our  journey, we are grateful for the strength and determination that carried us through. Our family bond grew stronger, and our business thrived because we never lost sight of what truly matters – the love we have for each other.

May this story inspire you to hold onto your values, to prioritize what truly matters, and to never let the pursuit of success overshadow the importance of family. Remember, it’s the sentimental and emotional moments that shape our lives and leave a lasting impact on our hearts. 🌟

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